Vattenfall, one of the world's leading wind power developers and operators, has reached the two-year anniversary of signing contract to licence Renewable Strategy Limited's RSL Manager windfarm operations and controls solution, on its Thanet and Kentish flats offshore windfarms, a total of 400MW installed capacity. The renewal and continued use of the RSL Manager, first installed in January 2016, is a great testimony to the efficiency and economy of this bespoke offshore wind farm solution.

RSL Manager will continue to allow Vattenfall to achieve greater efficiencies in maintenance, planning, crew transfer and vessel logistics, extending the life of its plant and equipment, reducing the cost of offshore wind energy.

The RSL Manager system is designed specifically for renewable power plants to optimise their portfolio operations, controls and their planning of wind farms. With both onshore wind and offshore wind solutions, it also is available with a Portfolio Overlay, designed by RSL, which enables system reporting, analysis and tracking of all maintenance data across multiple wind farms.

Mervyn, Renewable Strategy Limited's chief genius and RSL Manager systems architect said: "The RSL Manager effectively and substantially reduces response times when scheduled maintenance gets displaced with overnight unscheduled maintenance. Another significant benefit of the RSL Manager is the vertical integration, the ability for the WTG and BOP service providers to directly input into the RSL Manager alongside Owners and Operators. Data driven optimisations streamlines operations and frees up time for the team to focus on the business critical day to day operational tasks and the strategic operational decisions."

Brent van der Merwe, Head of Asset Management and Training, Renewable Strategy Limited said: "It is a privilege to directly contribute to the lowering of the cost of offshore wind and renewable energy, improve uptime and availability by effective operations and controls of these windfarms. Improving safety of staff alongside the efficiencies is a joint win-win for both the Operators and the technical teams. To have the RSL Manager adjusting for weather factors, leaves the operational team to focus on increasing yield."

RSL Manager's Portfolio Overlay also allows operators to update the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Manual on a real time basis, recording all significant changes to the plant. Keeping the O&M Manuals up to date, also ensures that operators are able to maintain up to date Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) files, allowing them to achieve regulatory compliance.

The RSL Manager asset register keeps a record of the components of the plant, as they are replaced and updated, enabling simple lifetime extension planning. Competence, certification and a next of kin database are also central features of the 'secure-by-design' system solution.

Renewable Strategy Ltd is a specialist in the optimisation of renewable energy yield generation, systematics, technical training, inspection, audits and advice with a focus on reducing the overall cost of generation. We work closely with our clients in reducing the capital and operational costs of energy, underpinning the path towards cost effectiveness and a fully sustainable renewable energy industry. Our goal is lifetime extension of all renewables assets beyond 25 years as a standard, something we believe can be achieved with data and service records management, comprehensive maintenance planning tools and operational discipline.

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