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RSL Manager

In daily use on several UK offshore wind farms

Renewable power plant asset and resource management.

Daily & annual work planning

Plan all scheduled & unscheduled work with integrated weather factor. Daily, monthly, quarterly and yearly asset planning with programmed constraints. Full RDS-PP compliance.

Management reporting

Bespoke dashboards and management reporting for trends and system analysis of interfaces, warranty work, major component replacements, etc.


Full vertical integration

Multiple organisations: owner, operator and service provider - one system. Data & information instantly available to those who need it. Power plant O&M quality and analysis can be carried out remotely.

Secure by design

Staff competence matching activity planned. Leave planner, certificates & NOK Integrated. Risk assessments, method statements, written procedures along service orders, improved HSE performance.


Ensure data and reporting consistency through auditable and standardised database management.

Increase controls

Increased lifetime yield through simplified operational environment and improved controls.

Reduce cost

Improve efficiency of maintenance interventions thereby reducing downtime and costs.

Extend lifetime

Provides a bed-rock of asset data influencing the future reliability of the assets.

RSL Manager Features

A few selected highlights

Live Dashboards

RSL Manager Dashboards gives the user an easy to understand overview of live data, at site level or at portfolio level. Maintenance (scheduled & unscheduled), service orders, statury inspections, parts usage, BoP activities, HSE statistics and Warranties are some of the standard dashboards, however these are further customisable at the client's request, with no end to the number of ways data can be analysed and visualised.


Integrated Asset Register Module

An RDS-PP based asset register can be integrated with the Core and other modules of the RSL Manager, hence the asset register is automatically updated when service orders are closed, capturing parts, serial numbers, warranty details, manhours, specific documentation and other details against the component in question. When service orders are raised, the asset register is interrogated in turn, providing a complete asset history and state to staff prior to arriving on site.

Intuitive UI

The RSL Manager User Interface is based on familiar, everyday web browser interaction, allowing users to hit the ground running. The system was designed from the ground up to be as simple, straight forward and easy to use as possible.


Portfolio overview

One-system access means all parties in the value chain is able to see / add to data (based on their access rights) while the owner has full control over their data. Portfolio wide trending, analysis and benchmarking.

RSL Manager Solution

Modularised features enables clients to fit the RSL Manager seamlessly into their existing systems.



In daily use on several UK offshore wind farms.

RSL Manager

Day Planner & Logistics

Full scheduled and un-scheduled day planning tool, displacing planned activities with more urgent troubleshooting as per preference. Build teams based on skill sets and assign them to vessels/vehicles and tasks, producing a transfer plan/service plan effortlessly. Service orders can be raised, executed and closed out within the system, together with notes and access to full WTG history.

RSL Manager

Activity Scheduling

Long term planning for scheduled maintenance, statutory inspections and other planned campaigns with a best/worst case scenario generator and calendar resource views. Plan the year ahead with confidence. With the built in weather factors and task shunting, the interruptions of unscheduled servicing does not hinder the easy day planning when you get there.

RSL Manager

Site Resources

Manage all site resources including turbines and vessels/maintenance vehicles as well as system users and weather factors. This will work as well for that unscheduled jackup needed for a gearbox or blade exchange as for the crew transfer vessels and planned maintenance work.

RSL Manager


Manage staff resources including certifications, competencies, leave calendar, NOK, visitors book and time logs.


Additional tools and features that integrate with the Core.

RSL Manager

Asset Register

Link information about alarms, service orders, warranty, parts and much more to a dynamically updated asset register. Included in this module is a Plant Change Manager feature which ensures the correct authority signs off changes to plant prior to installation, upgrades and revision to parts with its individual part reliability, needs to be reviewed for overall impact on yield.

RSL Manager


Manage permits on WTGs and linked to authorised technicians. Permits can be opened, closed, surrendered and transferred with full audit trail. Upload surrender records, AWP documents and other notes. Full permit history per WTG and staff is available.

RSL Manager

Marine Coordination

Track and manage personnel transfers to WTGs and vessels. THe transfer manager is directly updated from the transfer plans created in the system, enabling coordinators to log staff onto vessels and WTGs with date-time stamps and full audit history.

RSL Manager

Dashboards & Reports

Various bespoke real-time reporting tools gives you oversight and the information you need to plan ahead. Cross portfolio benchmarking and analysis.


The modules below are planned for release Q2 next year.

RSL Manager

HSE Manager

Manage Observations, Incidents and Investigations. Encourage both open and pro-active reporting.

RSL Manager

Document Controller

The document controller ensure wind turbine specific H&S Plan and O&M Manual, driving statutory compliance and safety on site, by maintenance planners and technicians referring to the turbine specific part and mark number. With warranty and campaign documentation available to link to specific operations while maintaining full WTSR compliance this we believe drives best in class asset management discipline.

RSL Manager

Site induction

Full site induction database linking to staff and visitors database. Integrate with existing media. Cloud based solution means site inductions can take place remotely.

RSL Manager

Warehouse & Stores

Keep track of spares and consumables use vs what is left in stores, comparing pipeline with availability. Also RDS-PP portfolio benefits.


"The system reduced my preparation time for an offshore wind farm maintenance day from over 2 hours, to less than 15 minutes."

Operational Lead
Offshore wind farm

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